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Dongguan Hongyao Lighting Co., Ltd. <br /> Location: Building A, Wanfeng Industrial Zone, Qinghu, Qishi Town, Dongguan City Tel: 0769-86782620 / 86782621
Fax: 0769-83602580
Contact: 18681144495 / Mr. He Email: heqifu@arinafans.net
Website: arinafans.net
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1. Enterprise purpose:
Rejuvenate enterprises with talents, gain benefits with good management, expand markets with good products, win customers with perfect service
Excellent quality, integrity first, continuous innovation <br /> 3. Talent strategy:
Every effort is made to provide each employee with a stage and opportunity to fully demonstrate his talents, and he is committed to expanding the career planning of each employee. Combining with the company's development is the core value of Hongyao's growth with employees.
4. Quality policy:
Survive by quality, benefit by management, develop by customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and innovation.
5. Quality goal:
Product qualification rate ≥98% (monthly), customer complaint rate ≤2 times (monthly).
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Address: Building A, Qingfeng Wanfeng Industrial Zone, Qishi Town, Dongguan City [Baidu Statistics]
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Hardware stamping manufacturers, Dongguan hardware stamping parts, keyboard stamping factory "People's Republic of China Telecom and Information Services Business License"
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