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If there is no damage to the metal stamping parts, you should pay attention to the following points

Dongguan metal stamping parts are introduced to you. If the metal stamping parts are not damaged, you should pay attention to the following points: The metal mold is a special tool used for various presses and mounted on the press. In industrial production, metal molds are often used to exert pressure on metal materials to produce parts or products of the required shape.
The structural design of the metal mold, the selection of the mold steel, heat treatment, surface treatment, mechanical grinding, wire cutting process, stamping equipment, stamping materials and processes, mold lubrication, maintenance and repair levels and other factors will affect its service life and lead to its Premature failure. The most likely factors for mold failure are improper heat treatment, improper mold structure, inappropriate material selection, and process and lubrication. What can I do to prevent damage to metal stamping parts? .
Dongguan metal stamping parts are introduced to you. The first choice of accessories models, specifications and functions must comply with the current national standards and relevant regulations, and at the same time must be matched with the selected plastic steel doors and windows; for sliding windows or double-glazed doors and windows with a width of more than 1 meter Double pulleys or movable pulleys should be installed; stainless steel material can be used for the sliding support hinges, and aluminum alloy materials cannot be used; when installing stamping parts, fastening screws should be used, and metal lining plates should be set inside, and the thickness of the lining plate should be greater than the fastener pitch Twice, do not use non-metallic lining or fasten it on the plastic profile; after the stamping parts are installed, you can install the window and door leaf into the frame, followed by the door and window locks, handles, etc. To be accurate, the switch must be flexible.
After the metal stamping parts are installed, Dongguan metal stamping parts will introduce to you. In order to prolong their service life and prevent rust and corrosion, you should pay attention to maintenance. During daily use, you should turn off and off gently. The sliding wheels used can be nylon wheels. There is no noise when pushing and pulling, and it is smoother and lighter. Never choose sliding wheels with rough workmanship. These sliding wheels are not only smooth, but also inflexible, small and light.
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