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Elastic recovery of materials after stamping parts in Dongguan

Dongguan hardware stamping parts is a process that uses a punch and a die to deform or break stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other plates and other heterogeneous materials to a certain shape and size.

Dongguan hardware stampings are sometimes called sheet metal forming, but there are slight differences. The so-called sheet molding refers to the use of sheet materials, thin-walled tubes, thin profiles, etc. as raw materials. The forming method of plastic processing is collectively referred to as sheet forming. At this time, the deformation in the direction of the thick plate is generally not considered.

Stamping die is a special process equipment for processing materials into parts in cold stamping processing, which is called cold stamping die. Stamping is a method of pressing to obtain the required parts at room temperature by using a mold installed on a press to apply pressure to the material to cause it to separate or plastically deform.

Suppliers of stamping parts understand that plastic stamping parts molds account for nearly 40% of the total hardware stamping molds, and this proportion is constantly increasing.

Dongguan metal stamping die molds are large injection stamping die molds for automobiles and home appliances, precision plastic stamping die molds for integrated circuits, and multilayer, multi-cavity, multi-material, and multi-color matching for the electronic information industry and machinery and packaging. Precision injection molds, plastic profile extrusion dies for new building materials and water-saving agriculture, piping and nozzle stamping dies, etc.

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