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How will the metal stamping industry develop

How the metal stamping industry will develop
As the largest user market of the metal stamping and forming industry-the automotive industry continues to develop rapidly in the future, China's metal stamping industry has ushered in a period of rapid development opportunities, but whether it can seize the opportunity to obtain new and faster development, experts pointed out that forward There are still many resistances and obstacles on the road that need to be overcome and broken through.
Resistance one: low degree of mechanization and automation 70% of the 680 metal stamping lines in the United States are multi-station punching machines, and 32% of the 250 domestic production lines in Japan are multi-station punching machines. There are few applications of punch presses in China;
Resistance two: low production concentration Many automobile groups are large and complete, forming closed internal facilities, resulting in various types of metal stamping parts, low production concentration, small scale, easy to cause low-level repeated construction, and difficult to meet the professional division of labor Production, market competitiveness;
Resistance 3: Slow transformation of scientific and technological achievements and slow promotion of advanced processes In China, many new metal stamping technologies are not too late to start, and some have reached the international advanced level, but it is often difficult to form productivity. The advanced metal stamping process is not widely used, and some are only in the trial stage, and the speed of absorption, transformation and promotion is slow. The low investment in technology development costs has led to the slow application of advanced technology by enterprises and the lack of development and innovation capabilities. The gap between SMEs in this area is even worse. At present, most domestic enterprises still use traditional metal stamping technology, and lack of research and technical reserves for the forming technology required for the next generation of lightweight automotive structures and materials.
Resistance 4: Large, precision stamping dies rely on imports. The materials, design, and production of metal stamping dies cannot meet the needs of domestic automobile development, and the degree of standardization is still low, about 40% to 45%. Around 70%.
Resistance five: The lack of high-quality professionals with advanced design analysis technology and digital technology in the industry is far from meeting the needs of the rapid development of the metal stamping industry, especially in the motorcycle industry, professionals with metal stamping knowledge and technology and skills are even more Lack and a large outflow. In addition, many joint ventures are designed by foreign parties to master the design and investment rights. It is difficult for our hardware stamping technicians to truly grasp the true meaning of the metal stamping process.

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