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Metal stamping manufacturers: characteristics of the development of metal stamping industry

Metal stamping manufacturers: Features of the development of metal stamping industry
Although hardware accessories are a subdivided industry, they are also highly technical. Products have to go through a set of processes from design, mold development, die casting to polishing, electroplating and other links. Prior to this, since we did not have our own electroplating factory, we outsourced this link to other factories. It is easy to cause problems such as unstable product quality and long construction period. With our own electroplating factory, we have grasped the entire upstream and downstream chain of hardware accessories to have our own competitiveness. A company leader said. Low price is a major feature of China's manufacturing industry, and it is also a weapon to win overseas buyers. The so-called price advantage does not mean low-end price competition, but on the basis of ensuring product quality, the price is lower than the market price. The significance of being fast is to be able to respond to changes in the international market in a timely manner. Therefore, many buyers require suppliers to ship in time to respond to market changes.
According to the professionals of all the companies surveyed, most of the more successful companies are taking market segmentation except for raw material trading. This cannot be said to be a trend, but it will inevitably appear in the fierce market competition Happening. Taking LED as an example, some people think that LED is not good, competition is fierce and profits are declining, but there are still many LED companies successfully breaking through, they have no secrets, the only thing that can be said is to focus on a certain type or a certain type of product . In fact, the diversified whole industry is a beautiful poppy flower. To be stronger or not bigger is the business philosophy of SME owners and an extremely rare business wisdom. In addition to its industrial cluster area, the gold stamping industry is developing in other regions. We can see that the development of first-tier cities is still mature, and no matter what generation of market it will have a corresponding scale of operation. But relatively speaking, the development of second- and third-tier cities is still lacking. In the next three to five years, with the deepening of urban planning, it is believed that it will also promote the development of hardware channels in second- and third-tier cities. If an enterprise wants to develop an agent, it may wish to learn Star Tools and quickly establish its own storefront. It may be a good way to get rich.
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