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What issues should be paid attention to when choosing the material of Dongguan metal stamping parts?

Dongguan hardware stamping parts is a process that uses a punch and a die to deform or break stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other plates and other heterogeneous materials to a certain shape and size. If the material is not selected, it will be easy to produce defective products, resulting in excessive costs and so on. Next, Kechuang will share with you what issues should be paid attention to when choosing the material of the metal stamping parts?
1. Matters needing attention in the selection of Dongguan metal stamping parts:
1. In the types of steel plates, regardless of whether it is a fixed-length plate or a coiled plate, the same material and thick material have different coil widths and different sales prices. Therefore, in order to reduce costs, it is necessary to work hard to formulate the roll width of the purchase, and try to select the roll width range without increasing the price on the premise of ensuring the material utilization rate. For example, for the fixed-length board, try to choose the appropriate size. After cutting from the steel mill, there is no need to perform secondary shearing to reduce the shearing cost; Cut the workload, improve work efficiency.
2. There is a deviation requirement for the thickness of the plate. Usually, within the range allowed by the deviation, the plate with the lower deviation should be selected first.
3. Determining the shape and size of the unfolded sheet of the stamping part is the premise of analyzing the deformation degree of the stamping part, designing the manufacturability and formulating the process specification. If the shape of the sheet is appropriate, not only the phenomenon of uneven distribution of deformation along the sheet can be significantly improved, but also the forming limit can be increased, and the height of the lug can be reduced, and the margin of cutting edge can be reduced. In addition, for some parts formed directly after blanking, if the precise sheet shape and size can be given, the number of trial mold adjustments can be reduced, thereby shortening the production cycle and improving productivity.
4. When selecting materials for Dongguan metal stamping parts, avoid using high-grade materials to cause excessive product performance. At the same time, on the premise of meeting product and process requirements, try to choose materials and materials used in existing mass-produced models to form The material platform provides convenience for subsequent procurement and inventory management. For example, the key performance requirement of ordinary cold-rolled sheet is its drawability, so as far as possible in accordance with the requirements of product quality, choose low-grade materials. For the choice of material thickness, besides considering the strength and weight of the body after forming, it is also necessary to pay attention to the popularity of material thickness. Because of the special material thickness, it is difficult for suppliers to supply, and the price is also high.
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